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CodeGen chatbot takes machine learning to new level Travel technology specialist to showcase ‘human’ system at Accelerate Aviation 2018

CodeGen Chatbot takes machine learning to new level Travel Technology specialist to showcase ‘human’ system at Accelerate Aviation 2018

November 2018 – Aviation companies will have the opportunity to talk with one of the world’s most advanced customer service chatbots at Accelerate Aviation 2018 in London 14-15 November 2018. The newly developed tool – created by Travel technology supplier CodeGen – can respond with perfect ‘human style’ responses in at least 97% of cases, as well as presenting customers with tailored options to boost upselling.

CodeGen’s Chatbot Platform LIA is the newest addition to its existing FLAIR suite of artificial intelligence (AI) products which are already helping a host of top-name operators and suppliers increase conversion rates.

Upali Kohomban PhD, head of research, CodeGen, said:

“We want to redefine the way computers interact with people – and just creating a chatbot that understands questions by looking at keywords, and provides canned responses is not the way to do it. We’re focusing on imparting human qualities to this tool to deliver a better handling of both language and customer interaction. LIA is capable of analysing language using Artificial Intelligence, understanding the context, and providing personalised, context-dependent and relevant answers.

“The interface will also provide a rich, streamlined experience, giving the user the best of both worlds: the ability to express their question in natural language while being able to access information freely, unlike in a phone call. LIA will be using AI to learn from experience, so her abilities will grow with time.”

CodeGen’s LIA chatbot uses the company’s own in-house AI technology platform – Sense – to speed its learning, rather than being based on basic third-party language systems such as Google’s or

Additionally, its in-built semantic analysis and deep learning allows it to understand the context of dialogue and train itself to shape a conversation in the most natural way possible. The system is also ‘voice enabled’, meaning it can respond in a spoken form as well as onscreen. This means it can be added to virtual personal assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri.

Mark Melzack, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager said: “As Airlines and Tour Operators look to leverage the benefits of chatbots to help deliver an enhanced customer experience, companies need a sophisticated solution like LIA that they can rely on. With LIA our clients will see a significant reduction in call volumes, leaving their trained experts to spend time dealing with more complex queries which will ultimately help boost loyalty and satisfaction.”

As a leader in machine learning, CodeGen’s existing FLAIR toolkit features a range of products that help travel companies boost personalisation. This includes tools offering semantic analysis of online reviews and AI-driven revenue management.

CodeGen will be exhibiting at Accelerate Aviation 2018, Hilton Tower Bridge, London, which takes place 14-15 November 2018. To book an appointment with the team at the show, visit

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