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Solution Provider for AIRLINES

As the Airline industry evolves and looks to expand revenue streams, it looks for new distribution capabilities with more agile and flexible merchandising options. CodeGen is perfectly placed with its “Seat +” capabilities on TravelBox to deliver smarter merchandising options for Airlines.


Solution Provider for Airlines

Product inventory management

  • Internal inventory management to maintain your own inventories and 3rd party integration for real time inventories. Published fare, Negotiated fare integration and loading your own net fares are possible with our solution
  • Handling complex contracts from modules specially designed to handle air fares and inventories 
  • Profiling by having separate modules for key areas make the management easy and control user accessing by permission
  • Easy and fully automated communication with supplier bringing efficiency to you to handle thousands of bookings per day


  • Flight Add-ons and side trips are possible with us
  • Flight ancillaries and other ancillaries management with minimal effort as an alternative way to bring you profit
  • Flight supplements trading 

Real Time Pricing and Promotions 

  • In-built intelligent pricing and yield management providing best option to you as well as your customer based on yield analysis
  • Full end-to-end automated system automating most of processes with minimal user interaction
  • Discounts and promotions can be stored and automatically apply on booking based on business rules you define

Shopping Basket and Packaging

  • Shopping cart and packages mode
  • Advance packaging including Dynamic Packaging / Tailor Made, Pre Built Packages with flexing (semi Dynamic), WideSearch and our unique and revolutionary booking flow, Elite Packages (a hybrid of dynamic packaging and pre-built packaging with intelligent results, considering holiday optimization and order preference). With our advance packaging techniques, you are enabled to bind other ancillaries  according to flight schedules
  • Bundling of any ancillary or offer with flights

TravelBox’s “Seat+” Value Offering:

  • Multiple source procurement with bi-directional integrations and in-built aggregated shopping solution
  • Bundle / unbundle products and services for flexible and opaque pricing
  •  End-to-end management of services booked with an automated operational workflow and automated booking life cycle supervision
  • “Manage my Booking” capabilities to facilitate post-sale changes, without any involvement of the Airline
  • Full accounting and reconciliation of costs and commissions on TravelBox
  • Rule-driven, targeted offer and ancillary management  (Forced Components) with client persona factoring to enable targeted offer management
  • Simple creation of thousands of relevant travel propositions on the fly with our revolutionary WideSearch and Elite packaging
  • Dynamically controlled pricing and presentation of product across markets, client groups, channels and other key touch points
  • Multiple booking flows to choose from, according to preference
  • Multi-device, touch enabled solutions
  • Full Managed Service with 24/7 monitoring of the platform and data layers. No intervention or effort required by the Airline
  • Cloud deployment options for hosting, if required

TravelBox Seat+ Value Offering