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Solution Provider for DMC's

TravelBox adapts easily to support the type of complex market and global distribution requirements of a Destination Management Company. With our full suite of inventory modules, in-built supplier extranet and multiple third party connections, add new product types and ranges and create your own source market definitions and generate tariffs are possible. Automated all back office functionalities and travel accounting processes for the whole life cycle of each booking support all the unique challenges a DMC model faces.

Solution Provider for DMC's

Multiple channel distribution

  • Immense flexibility through multiple distribution channels for you to diversify business opportunities in the global market
  • Muti-Company, Division, Currency and Multi – lingual support in a single instance with user permissions allowing you to customize as per your requirement

Product Inventory management

  • Source Market concept supporting inventory control across different source markets and defining business rules based on the source market
  • Full suite of inventory management modules and services with vast range of products including Accommodation, Car Hire, Transfers, Ground Transportation, Tours, Attraction Tickets, Insurance and various other products 
  • Inventory management system to maintain your own inventory assets and vendor contracts or 3rd party system integration with GDS, H2H vendors or wholesalers of third-party products
  • In built supplier extranet to facilitate your easy inventory management and communication with supplier and we support integration of multiple PMS
  • Customer driven booking management including “Manage my Booking” / “Agent login” capabilities to facilitate post-sale changes, without any involvement of the DMC

Real Time Pricing and Promotions

  • Dynamically control pricing across source markets, client groups, channels and other key touch points via active rule-based pricing and tactical engine
  • Rule-driven, targeted offer ancillary management (“Forced Components”) with upsell/cross-sell
  • Shopping cart and packages mode
  • Multiple product combination options and advance packaging including pre-built, dynamic packaging, semi-dynamic packaging plus revolutionary WideSearch / Elite packaging (a hybrid of dynamic packaging and pre-built packaging with intelligent results, considering holiday optimization and order preference) We enable simple product creation of thousands of relevant travel propositions with minimal effort, and intelligently-order results using AI scoring multiplier units

Back office functionalities

  • Automatic tariff generation based on the business rules you create
  • Automated booking life cycle supervision provides you end-to-end administration of Super PNR and operational workflow to support the seamless fulfilment of any product or service.
  • Automated customer and supplier communication based on easily configurable business rules to reduce administration resource overheads
  • Automated post sales activities including document generation, email dispatcher, account entries, ticketing and many more 

TravelBox’s DMC Value Offering

  • Full suite of inventory modules and connect to facilitate connecting 3rd party systems
  • Simple inventory control across source markets, client groups, channels and other key touch points
  • Facilitate with in-build supplier extranet
  • Add new product types and ranges at any time
  • Full transparency with major GDS and PSS
  • Fully automated rule-based documentation generation and dispatch
  • Full travel accounting and reconciliation of commissions, liabilities and revenues
  • Automated back office functionalities with booking monitor tools and rule driven communications
  • Full Managed Service with 24/7 monitoring of the platform and data layers, including 3rd party connections
  • Cloud deployment options for hosting if required.

TravelBox DMC Value Offering