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Health Care


A revolutionary end-to-end solution that can transform the healthcare industry with the XOLO smart tab platform, powered by effective process automation in real-time. Automation of manual processes and amalgamating the doctor patient engagement, will optimize workflows to create additional revenue streams, that are steady and recurrent.

CHIMERA technology keeps it personal with handwritten and digital content, where patient profile to other details can be accessed and recorded on one screen instantly. From streamlining patient journey, information gathering at the family doctor’s office to triage, consultation, medical directive reports, prescription generation and discharge planning, can be seamlessly connected and managed with intelligent automation of workflows and stakeholder pathways.


  • -Instant access to patient history
  • -Handwritten prescriptions via XOLO
  • -Automated next appointment marking
  • -Simultaneous queuing of tests and pharmacy requirements
  • -Real-time, remote patient improvement monitoring

Health Care, Doctor

Health Care, Patient


  • -Zero waiting time at the pharmacy or other test rooms
  • -No requirement to visit the hospital for reports
  • -Quick access to channelling and personalised service
  • -All medical records are digitized – paperless technology
  • -Automatically submit records for insurance claims


  • -Consultant scheduling and real-time updates on multiple platforms
  • -Automated report generation
  • -Excellent emergency care, customised to the patient
  • -Connect other revenue streams with main functions for optional sales
  • -Create patient pathways and follow patients through their healthcare journey

Health Care, Doctor

Health Care, Patient


  • -Real-time notification of patient requirement, directly from the doctor’s room
  • -Automated records of transactions
  • -Sales maximisation by retaining patient
  • -Reduce staff and redundant activity
  • -Automated payments