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Holiday Booking Engine

Flight, Hotel and Holiday Package Booking Engines

Our experience in the field of holiday booking software has allowed CodeGen to develop a holiday booking engine. The holiday booking engine creates a variety of thousands of holiday properties (Flights/Hotels/Cars/Transfers/Excursions). These booking items can be reserved separately or packaged.

With Holiday Booking Engine you will be able to…

  • Manage your own bookings.
  • Allow customers to book and pay online.
  • Take deposits online.
  • Automatically generate invoices.
  • Add pictures and amend text without the need to involve a web designer.
  • Allow customers to view available booking dates.
  • Encourage customers to contact you with Online TBX Live Support (online chat application)
  • Track your customers.
  • And much more...

Holiday Booking Engine Offline Tracking

  • New and existing Customer accounts
  • Sales Orders and Items
  • Invoices
  • Suppliers
  • Product Records
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contacts
  • Transactions - Payments, Receipts, Journals
  • Automatically download and create Sales orders and Invoices
  • Automatically download transactions such as Bank payments, Receipts, Sales ledger and Purchase ledger transactions

You have full control and payments can be processed instantly through any payment gateway (Credit Card/Cash etc.)

Holiday Booking Engine

White label sites

White Label

TravelBox has unveiled an enhanced white label system enabling travel companies to set up specialist websites. The technology is so simple it cuts down deployment time to mere minutes. This technology enables travel companies to spread different products across multiple specialist websites all drawn from the same inventory system. The white label technology allows distribution of all products, yours and 3rd parties, to operators or direct sells clients as required. The booking process is centralized with no additional overheads required to deploy functionality. This provides yet another opportunity to maximize your distribution and market share, others being Contact Centre, Websites, API etc.



Hotel Online

Hotel Online is a web based interface for accommodation contract loading for Tour Operators. From one hand, the Tour Operator can set it for Hoteliers who can upload their hotel details with hotel contracts and contents such as rates, discounts, special offers, hotel/room images, facilities etc by themselves. Both Hotels and Hotel Chains can be loaded this way in the system.

On the other hand, the Travelers can search for these available hotels on the web site and make their chosen reservations online upon their interests. The Tour Operator can manage payments for the suppliers, generate sales reports and manage the hotel inventories. The system is user friendly and can therefore be maintained by most levels of experience.

Holiday booking engine