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Travel Artificial Intelligence

Personalisation Engine

Personalise the customer journey to increase conversion rates

CodeGen’s Personalisation Engine provides travel recommendations based on Artificial Intelligence and has the following features:

  • Re-orders a list of products based on preferences in a customer profile
  • Prioritises the most relevant options at the top of a user’s search response
  • Identifies interests from activities a user has posted online
  • Provides tailored destination and activity recommendations
  • Replicates the “human” way of providing an intuitive holiday planning experience
  • Adapts to changes in preferences and profile information in real time
  • Refines searches with additional data such as browser history


  • Analyses text and images in a social media profile to offer relevant responses
  • Answer questions about their preferences to identify their interests
  • Manage their wish lists and product likes
  • Add additional information about budget level and family details

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