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Key Capabilities




Multi Channel Distribution

Multi Channel Distribution
  • Multi Company Structure
  • Multi Brand Structure
  • Multi Channel Distribution
  • Call Centre, Web, Mobile and Other distribution channels
  • OTA(Open Travel Alliance) based API for XML distribution





Product Sourcing

  • Fully Fledge Internal Pricing & Inventory Management System
  • Content sourcing from third parties including GDS/Bed Banks/B2B Connections
  • Search Source Preferences based on business rules to enable more tailored searches based on search criteria targeting both internal inventory and external connectors in a single search request
  • Seamless integration of both internal & External

Inventory Management System





Real-time Pricing & Promotions

Realtime Pricing and Promotions
  • Dynamic Pricing & Promotion Schemes
  • Hierarchical Revenue Management
  • Multi Level Pricing Management
  • True dynamic pricing & promotions with instant reflection on all distribution channels
  • Multiple dimensions for business rules (eg: Airline, Departure Gateway, Destination, Hotel etc.)


Shopping Basket & Packaging

  • Shopping Basket Style Selling Mode
  • Fixed Packaging
  • True Dynamic Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Adaptive Packaging which analyses customer fit, yield and bookability prior to returning results.
  • Auto Calculation of Deposit, Amendment & Cancellation Conditions
  • Fully supported amendment process for both shopping basket and packages.
  • Cancellation and rules validation.

E-commerce Dynamic Packaging

Back Office

Back Office
  • Document Management
  • Internal Queue Management
  • Customizable Document Creation
  • Ticketing
  • GDS Queue Management
  • Fully Customer Profile Management for both Direct(B2C) and B2B Customers
  • Full profile details for direct consumers
  • Full profile details for Travel Agents
  • Support for flexible commissioning schemes
  • Automated Supplier communication
  • Automated Customer communication
  • Multiple dispatch methods