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Tour Operators

Solution Provider for TOUR OPERATORS

With the 15 years of experience in Travel industry, TravelBox has become the software solution of choice for travel companies to manage their entire business on a single platform.


Tour Operator Software Solutions

Multiple channel distribution

  • Immense flexibility through multiple distribution channels for you to diversify business opportunities in the global market
  • Muti-Company , Division, Currency and Multi – lingual support in a single instance with user permissions allowing you to customize as per your requirement 

Product inventory management

  • Full suite of inventory management modules and services with vast range of products including Flights, Accommodation, Car Hire, Ancillaries, Cruise, Transfers, Ground Transportation, Tours, Attraction Tickets, Insurance and various other products 
  • Internal inventory management system to maintain your own inventory assets and vendor contracts or 3rd party system integration with GDS, H2H vendors or wholesalers of third-party products

Real time Pricing and Promotions

  • Intelligent pricing and yield management providing best option to you as well as your customer based on yield analysis
  • Deliver the sale and fulfillment of product with fixed or flex pricing through a single interface

Shopping Basket and Packaging

  • Shopping cart and package modes 
  • Advance packaging techniques including Dynamic Packaging / Tailor Made, Pre Built Packages with flexing (semi Dynamic), WideSearch and our unique and revolutionary booking flow, Elite Packages (a hybrid of dynamic packaging and pre-built packaging with intelligent results, considering holiday optimization and order preference) 

Back office functionalities

  • Automated post sales activities
  • User profile management
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Define Markup, discount and commission schemes
  • Automated business rules

TravelBox’s Value Offering

  • Support your traditional business processes automating all the functionalities
  • Provide automation, thus improving business processes and delivering both revenue and resource proficiencies
  • Full suite of inventory management modules and services
  • Full Management Services with 24/7 monitoring of the platform and data layers, including 3rd party connections
  • Cloud deployment for hosting if required
  • Advance packaging modes enabling simple holiday creation of thousands of relevant travel propositions automatically and intelligently and order results using AI scoring multiplier knowledge units 
  • Acquire automated booking life-cycle supervision, providing end-to-end administration of Super PNR and operational workflow to support the seamless fulfillment of any product or service.
  • Provide automated customer and supplier communications based on easily configurable business rules, eliminating administration resource overheads.
  • Fully automated travel accounting and reconciliation of commissions, liabilities and revenues


TravelBox Value Offering