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Work Life Balance

We take care of you

The company will provide you with a health insurance scheme, which will also look after your family.We understand that your health is the most important thing and we also take care of what’s most important to you: your family.

Save Time & Money

You are provided transportation to your residence to provide comfortable lines to reach home safely when you’re committing your time in dedicated hours and shift basis. We also provide you parking space, irrespective of grade and position.

Forge New Connections

You’re not stuck to your own desk and department. We provide opportunities for you to interact with others expose you to contacts and meet new people. Your expanded connectivity will help you pursue your goals.

Do what you love

Staff Trips, Vacation Spending, participating in Toastmasters Club, Welfare Society are some of the things we provide for you to improve and engage in what you love. Join the family.

Careers at CodeGen

Work Life Balance at CodeGen

Take Time off

Have a great lunch within the office premises with your own colleagues and join them in recreation activities. We offer games inside CodeGen just for you – play your band, game of pool and if your interests are in racquets, we have table tennis.

Pursue your dream

Take part in company funded Training and Development programs to enhance your skills and get the best out of CodeGen. We believe in helping you up the ladder, as our main concern is you.

Enjoy and Share

Share your thoughts and views with the department heads directly, and join our culture of respecting opinions. We are diverse and open to new ideas, structured criticism and this environment is the best you could ever imagine.